Introduction – Short & Sweet


For Adults Only. The subject matter in this book has profane language and contains sexual content. Adults, do not read if this is not your cup of tea.

A message from the character:

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic of the sort that wanted to spend the rest of my life supporting a family the right way, the American Way. Playing by the rules and living the cycle of norm that the majority of families seem to live by one way or another.

That ended for me the day my wife left in the company of my soul. Apparently, career and money obsession is not always the right formula for a perfect marriage, and alcoholism doesn’t help. I lost sight of my true values and forgot how good the simple things in life can be. I was no longer the right man for a woman who would take love over financial freedom.

This is a love story. Love for others. Love for life. Love for God. And the hope for happiness.

I don’t care if you like me. In fact, you probably will despise me and that’s ok. I don’t want you to empathize or try to relate. I just need you to listen. We are all good people. And we all cause the tears of God. Hitting rock bottom is only and always the first part to any good story.

-Jack Castle

Chapter 1 – Sara