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Due to time constraints, show notes are no longer being published. Please contact me directly with any reference questions that you may have. Notes from the first 12 shows are below:

12) Flow Superpower and Importance of Writing Well: The Rise of Superman & Stealing Fire | Flow Genome Project – Free Profile | McConkey Movie Trailer | The Search for Freedom movie trailer | Jason Fried-TED Speaker, Teaching vs. Noise Blog, The Writing Class I’d like to Teach Blog, Teaching Iteration Blog & Basecamp | Tim Ferriss Show

11) Dominance Within: Cassidy Lance-McWherter’s Push in 2018 Crossfit Games | 2018 Crossfit Games – ReWatch| Agassi – Baghdatis Short Video :59 | Agassi – Baghdatis Long Video 12:06

10) Charity Water – Dedicated to Rachel Beckwith: Her Mothers Trip – MUST WATCH | CharityWater | Scott Harrison

9) A radical question from Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, wealthiest in modern history, and first centi-billionaire. Jeff BezosWorlds Billionaires | Congressional Budget Office

8) Why EQ is more important than IQ: Robert Waldinger Ted Talk | Emotional Intelligence 2.0 | Dr. Travis Bradberry | TalentSmart | The Grant Study | The Flying Unicorn

7) The Gift of Death: Gleason Trailer  | Tuesday’s With Morrie BookMitch Albom Interview | Morrie with Ted Koppel

6) Setting Baggage on Fire: Answer to Riddle Above

5) Google Innovation and Great Sex: BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, And Impact The WorldThe Rise of Superman & Stealing Fire | Singularity University | XPrize | Peter Diamandis | Steven Kotler | Susan Wojcicki | Show Interview with Susan Wojcicki | Mike Maples Jr. | Tim Ferriss & Mike Maples Jr. Interview & the Riddle

4) Power in Restraint: Ego is The Enemy | Obstacle is The Way | Trust Me I’m Lying | Ryan Holiday

3) Living Beyond Comfort: Letter | The Ludlows 

2) Letter to a Rising Movie Star: The Rise of Superman & Stealing Fire

1): Rogue Warrior: Book | Jocko Ted Talk |Man in the Arena

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