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Below are quick notes referenced in the show.

11) Dominance Within: Cassidy Lance-McWherter’s Push in 2018 Crossfit Games | 2018 Crossfit Games – ReWatch| Agassi – Baghdatis Short Video :59 | Agassi – Baghdatis Long Video 12:06

10) Charity Water – Dedicated to Rachel Beckwith: Her Mothers Trip – MUST WATCH | CharityWater | Scott Harrison

9) A radical question from Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, wealthiest in modern history, and first centi-billionaire. Jeff BezosWorlds Billionaires | Congressional Budget Office

8) Why EQ is more important than IQ: Robert Waldinger Ted Talk | Emotional Intelligence 2.0 | Dr. Travis Bradberry | TalentSmart | The Grant Study | The Flying Unicorn

7) The Gift of Death: Gleason Trailer  | Tuesday’s With Morrie BookMitch Albom Interview | Morrie with Ted Koppel

6) Setting Baggage on Fire: Answer to Riddle Above

5) Google Innovation and Great Sex: BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, And Impact The WorldThe Rise of Superman & Stealing Fire | Singularity University | XPrize | Peter Diamandis | Steven Kotler | Susan Wojcicki | Show Interview with Susan Wojcicki | Mike Maples Jr. | Tim Ferriss & Mike Maples Jr. Interview & the Riddle

4) Power in Restraint: Ego is The Enemy | Obstacle is The Way | Trust Me I’m Lying | Ryan Holiday

3) Living Beyond Comfort: Letter | The Ludlows 

2) Letter to a Rising Movie Star: The Rise of Superman & Stealing Fire

1): Rogue Warrior: Book | Jocko Ted Talk |Man in the Arena









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