Actually, what is with this word?

Like, we all use it constantly. Yet, in almost every form of our use, it’s


  • “Actually, that’s a good idea”
  • “Actually, I like that”
  • “Actually, that sounds awesome”

Actually…….here is what people really hear:

  • “Actually, that’s a good idea” -> I’m surprised by your idea
  • “Actually, I like that” -> I really didn’t think that I would like it but I do
  • “Actually, that sounds awesome” -> I assumed you were going to say something really stupid

This crutch word is becoming so popular, most people don’t even get insulted by it anymore.

That is, unless you’re a man, and make the drastic mistake of saying

“Actually, you look really good in that” -> I’m surprised that you actually look good babe

Regardless, it’s “ACTUALLY” really funny when you catch someone using this word in a negative context when they don’t even realize it.

So next time you get an “Actually”, try not to laugh when you think about how mean of a statement it “Actually” was.

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Insights from Afar

I wrestled with an idea on the beach yesterday. I was engulfed in a sense of happiness that I haven’t felt in a long time.

That special song on the radio. My woman by my side. My feet in the beautiful white sand. And the laughter of my daughter echoing in the breeze.

My monkey mind immediately went to battle with itself. I began wrestling with the idea of going back to normal. Normal, what the hell is that anyway?

I asked myself this.

How can I make more of this?

If I work hard enough, can I create more of these experiences. Can I include more of my friends and families?

And then it struck me. A ray of sun striking through the cloud and hitting me in the face.

A warm sensation that brought with it a strong notion.


I’m asking all of the wrong questions.

Asking how I can get one or two more experiences like this a year is like asking a coach if I can play in at least one game a year.

You don’t ask questions like that. If you want to play, then you get your ass up and you take control.

And in life, there is no coach. It’s an eat what you kill world. If you want it. Kill it. And then bask in it’s beautiful bloody glory.

The question is not, how do I afford more time off, the question is, how do I move mountains?

How do I create value like I’ve never dreamed of before. I’ve been having all of the wrong conversations with all of the wrong people.

I need a community of go getters. People that look beyond a notion of mediocracy and figure out how to have anything they want in life. Beautiful and deep relationships. The pleasure of working on whatever I want, whenever I want. The sun on my face. Laughter in the breeze. My family by my side.

The answer is to build big things. Own my own future. Create my own possibilities and leave them limited to NOTHING.

It’s a profound reality.

The Power we possess.

Most of it an untapped supply of limitless fuel.

Your decisions, your habits, your relationships, your vitality, your Now, your Future.

Your choices.

Those who tell you that you can’t, that you won’t, that you shouldn’t…….are anchors from hell.

They are the ones that probably hope that you won’t.

I no longer am hoping that something great will work out in my future. I realize I have the power to make that happen.

The pleasure of living comes with building your life, giving back to others, and enjoying everything that this beautiful world has to give.

with love.

-Chad Shipley








John Lennon & Understanding Life

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” -John Lennon

It’s Friday and I am at the beach…..embracing the key to life.

If you have not already, make sure to check out the LIGHT YOUR FIRE series. 5 personal routines/actions that have had an enormously profound impact on my life.

#1 – Finding something that gets you out of bed, EVERYDAY, with a smile.

#2 – The power of your Miraculous brain and feeding it “better” data.

#3 – Why “The Last Lecture” ripped my heart out. The power of gratitude and hand written thank you notes.

I will finish Light Your Fire #4 and #5 when I get some downtime from living and loving with my family.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend – Peace out from Panama City Beach!!!!!


Lighting Your Fire – #3

Whoa – 3 days in and feeling awesome! I love life and I’m thankful for these two 🙂


In Fire #1, we figured out that having something you love to do first thing in the morning is a MUST.

In Fire #2, we explored the miraculous power of our minds and the RIGHT inputs it requires to produce better outcomes.

Today, we’ll explore the power of reflection and GRATITUDE. Years ago, I read the Last Lecture (Click Here ) which made me completely rethink life. And, I wasn’t the only one.

Randy Pausch, upon learning that he had little time left on earth, took the world by storm when he gave a speech at Carnegie Mellon University which then led to this book that he wrote in the very late stages of his life. He was an extremely accomplished professor who at 47 left behind a beautiful wife and 3 young children.

His story ripped my heart out. Years later, it still makes me sad. As a father to a 4 year old, there is nothing scarier than the thought of not being able to watch her grow.

He writes…Yes, a percentage of my sadness is, “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…” But a bigger part of me grieves for them. I keep thinking, “They won’t…they won’t…they won’t.” That’s what chews me up inside, when I let it. I know their memories of me may be fuzzy. That’s why I’m trying to do things with them that they’ll find unforgettable.

The captions kill me……”Making memories with Dylan” & “Logan, the ultimate Tigger”


By now, I’m sure you can imagine how profound of a book this is. It’s one that I recommend every person in the world read. It’s a book on humanity and everyone can become better from it.

While there is no shortage of lessons to be learned. There is one story that really helped shape me to this day and it speaks to the power of gratitude.

Chapter 41 – The Lost Art of Thank-You Notes

“Showing Gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.”

Without ruining the wonderful story, Randy talks about the power of a hand written thank you note and shares a story of a time he was reviewing someones application and came across a thank you letter the person had hand written to a non faculty support staffer who helped her with arrangements for the visit. This person tossed her thank you letter into the application file and ended up being the reason that she was admitted into the program.

This story made me reflect on the many people who have helped me tremendously along my own personal journey and before I knew it, a new hobby was formed. I started by sending thank you letters to some of the people who have had a monumental impact on my life. Even some who I had not necessarily developed the strongest bonds with.

These were handwritten and my hand writing is terrible so I also typed each one. Which is cool because I now have them all electronically to go back and review later in life. This turned into a love for gifting books and writing inscriptions within them. A small way for me to let someone else know, years from now, that they touched my life in a special way.


This year so far, I have gifted 3 books and wrote three special inscriptions. The power that this has is truly hard to describe. There is nothing in the world better than opening yourself up and letting others know how wonderful you think they are. And how appreciative you are for what they have done.

This simple tradition has led to other easy practices. Over the phone, through text, in an email, within a comment, I will let others know how cool I think they are and thank them for their awesomeness when warranted.

It’s an amazing super power. And it makes the world better.

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A nice and quick way to start the morning.

And don’t forget to read Fire #1 and Fire #2 if you have not already. Tomorrow will be Fire #4 out of 5.

with love,

-chad shipley


Lighting Your Fire – #2

Here’s the reality. We all have a FIRE within us. It longs to burn. It longs to be awaken.

It screams -> Light me up you dumb idiot.    

In yesterday’s POST we asked a simple question. Are you ECSTATIC to wake up every  single morning?

Ultimately, living a life where you are not, is just flat out crazy. You deserve it. I deserve it. WE ALL DESERVE IT –> we deserve for very single night to feel like Christmas to a

2 year old……


ok, maybe not that extreme. But, waking up each and every day is a beautiful gift and we should be doing it with smiles and joy, not resistance.

If you HATE the thought of starting each new day, then a morning routine that you can fall in love with may be just what you need. Start by reading this.

Today it’s another very simple insight that has had a profound impact on my personal journey – >>>> The selection of INPUTS. 

Consider the expression “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. This is commonly used in computer processing to describe a poor or incorrect outcome resulting from feeding the system poor or incorrect data.

Now consider the thoughts that must have inspired this beautiful creation.

The reality is. This blog post in and of itself is one of the 10 million things that is seeking your attention in any given day. Society BOMBARDS us with more information and content to consider than we could ever possibly care for.

Yet we try. We peruse the scrolling feed relentlessly all day long.

We tune in to our favorite shows and spend more time browsing Netflix than we spend actually watching the shows.

Quite car rides drive us bonkers so we tune into whatever palatable station we can tolerate.

And then……..there is the UNSPEAKABLY AWFUL news outlets. Let’s just not even get started on those.

By now, you are probably saying – So what?

Well here’s the deal. Our brains are absolutely MIRACULOUS ENGINES that are capable of doing inconceivably amazing things. There are only two problems.

1 – they get overloaded. 2 – they need the right input.

Getting overloaded is not necessarily a bad thing. Like muscles, our brains need stress tested. Critical thought, then rest. Critical thought, then rest.

This is how we expand. But, when we replace critical thought with useless nonsense, we just ware ourselves down.

No expansion. Just poor, low quality, or incorrect output.

We become highly influenced by the inputs that we select. Spend every day listening to someone tell you why penguins are the worst creatures on earth and at some point, you’re going to be  a penguin hater. Even worse, you’re going to waste a lot of time thinking about something really stupid.

So here’s the fix. Pay attention to the content you’re absorbing. Try tuning into a podcast that is insightful or intriguing to you. Spend some time with amazing authors. Find mentors who publish great content through videos, blogs, etc. Search for the inputs that give you happiness and fulfillment while helping you to grow and expand.

You don’t need to throw out the TV. Just pay attention to how much it overloads your life. And how much of a role the content plays in influencing you.

This week is dedicated to giving you the 5 simple actions/ideas that have had the most profound impact on my life. If you enjoyed or this resonated, make sure to

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-chad shipley

Lighting Your Fire – #1

Do you look forward to the start of each new day? Are you excited when you go to bed because of what’s in store for you when you awake?

Probably NOT.

You more than likely lay in bed and resist the world……hitting snooze a thousand times before you finally decide to make a go at it.

Like my daughter, who obviously partied too hard with Barbie and Co.


But here’s the rub. Does that sound like an enjoyable way to go through life?

There has been a lot of content published on morning rituals that will help improve your overall productivity and give you a boost for starting the day.

Things like exercise, reading, meditation, and journaling may all help elevate the enjoyment levels you experience throughout the day, providing more happiness in your life. Personally, I love all of those.

I mean, who doesn’t want to think of life like this?

But let’s not get too crazy. Remember, the question was simple. Do you enjoy getting out of bed?

Are you JAZZED up to start every single day?

That’s the goal!

It’s possible and the people that do this are getting massive outcomes from taking advantage of a simple notion—–> Find something to fall in love with.

Something that will get you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face.

Now that I’m there, it makes me wonder why anyone would live a life where they dread the start of each new day.

The reality is this.

You have a FIRE within you that needs lit.

And it may only take 15 minutes each morning to get you AMPED and ready to take on the day.

It could be a nice walk with some thoughts of gratitude, or a nice warm candle lit bath to relax in.

For me, it was playing racquetball. A friend and I started two and a half years ago and we are still at it. Getting exercise, having fun, and deepening our friendship.

I couldn’t exercise in the morning to save my life, but playing racquetball is something that I really enjoy.

And here’s the cool part. That simple routine has led me down some beautiful roads.

I now routinely perform some combination of reading, writing, meditating, stretching, working out, playing, planning my day or fueling my body each and every morning.


And I love every second of it. Like literally, I can’t wait to go to bed.

I go into Friday’s being jazzed up for Monday mornings.

You just called BS, but it’s true. I love the weekends but really am excited to get back to the grind come Monday morning.

The burden of proof lies in the simple question. Do you look forward to each new day?

If the answer is no, is that really how you want to live the rest of your life?

Create a routine now that you can fall in love with. It may take some work at first, but you owe it to yourself.

This week is dedicated to giving you the 5 simple actions/ideas that have had the most profound impact on my life. Click HERE for Lighting Your Fire – #2 -> The power of feeding your brain the right inputs.

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-chad shipley


Impossible Dreams? I think not…

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

-Paulo Coelho

For me, this simple quote is a beautiful way to start the weekend. I paused and absorbed it. I let it give me everything that it had to offer and it was wonderful.

The simple notion that you can have everything that you have always wanted if you can overcome your own fears.

Step 1 is to remove self-doubt and say I can. When I fail, I’ll learn and I’ll keep moving forward. I refuse to give up. I refuse to stop. I want it, I need it, and I won’t stop until I have it.

Step 2 is to develop the skills and create new and effective habits. To execute on the tasks required to make your dreams come true. Finding financial freedom. Becoming an awesome parent. Owning your college experience and everything it has to offer. Whatever it be, your routine will begin to define you.

Starting next week, I am going to give one routine each day that has had an insanely profound impact on my own life. These habits personally helped me fuel explosive career growth, take control of nearly $500K worth of investment real estate, become a competitive athlete, get into the best shape of my life, deepen my friendships, develop a team of professionals, and be a dad to my daughter that I have always dreamed of being.

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Enjoy the weekend and get jazzed up for Monday!


Should You Abandon The Relationship

You have 1, I have 1, we all have at-least 1. That person who drives us bat shit crazy and for one reason or another, we let it happen. Again. and Again. and Again.

The passive aggressive comment. The non stop bullshit drama. The shame. The poking. The ridicule. The “AHHHHHH This MOTHER FU*****” type of shit.

I wrote a simple blog sometime back that encouraged people to find happiness by cutting the baggage out of their life. The toxic people. The shitty food. The bad habits. Yada yada yada. The premise is simple. Don’t worry about doing something NEW to find happiness. Just cut the weight of the shit HOLDING YOU DOWN. Don’t start by eating insanely healthy. Start by NOT eating insanely unhealthy. Set YOUR BAGGAGE ON FIRE. 

And for some of you, it worked. You came back and said, I am done with this toxic person. Which brings me to this new rant. How do you really know when you should completely abandon ship? Relationships require work like anything else. So how do we know that we’re not just throwing in the towel a little too soon?

Well, while reading TRIBE, I came up with 2 tests that I give myself.

Test 1: Do I absolutely hate every interaction with this person? Do I have dinner and leave feeling like a bag of shit. Do they annoy me with every word?

This test is the easy one. If yes, just get yourself away from these people as fast as possible. If you physically can’t becuase they are relatives or in laws or neighbors, just do so mentally. I call this putting them in the closet. I literally pretend like they are in a closet. I hear their words and I respond by being nice and sincere, but I honestly could give two shits about anything they have to say.

Test 2: If this person were with you in a terrible catastrophe, could you rely on them with your life? Could you find a way to comfort one another? To laugh again? To work together? To share in each others thoughts while the world crumbles around you?

If the answer is, “No”, or “if I absolutely had to”, you should say peace out STAT. But, if you find comfort in the thought of being with this person and finding a way back to relying on one another and enjoying each others presence, thoughts, laughs…..then you have something broken worth fixing. Society and chaos is somehow intervening in something special. I am not a psychologist or relationship expert, but this may be worth a long talk over a cup of coffee. Avoid useless convo. Get real. Open up. Show your vulnerabilities and talk through your pain and annoyances. Be honest. With you and with them. If you have to let them go in the end, you will feel better for at least opening up.

Good Luck.

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-chad shipley

Starting the day with Huck

“I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing.”
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“If you tell the truth you do not need a good memory!”
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“All right, then, I’ll go to hell.”
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“Human beings can be awful cruel to one another.”
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“That is just the way with some people. They get down on a thing when they don’t know nothing about it.”
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Keep Trying – Keep Failing – Keep Pushing

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

– W. Somerset Maugham

It’s an old cliche but for some reason it always resonates. I need it. You need it. We all need it…….that constant voice telling us that sitting idle is not enough.

That everything worth having takes work, dedication and persistence.

The book won’t write it self.

The body won’t magically shed all of it’s fat.

The promotion won’t just happen becuase we think it should.

We’ve all heard it a 1000 times before.

“Practice makes perfect.”

“Everything worth having takes hard work.”

Blah blah blah.

But there is a critical insight here. It’s the part that most people miss. The part that I miss constantly.

Hard work = winning, but winning is going to look a lot like failure. It’s going to look like losing. And, it’s going to feel like stepping in dog shit day after day for a long time.

The first book you write will be terrible. Your first 10 books may be terrible. It might take 200 auditions before your first role. You may have to try talking to 300 women before one actually responds.

It takes deliberate practice and that in and of itself is the win.

The story behind every great success is a lot of failed attempts. Keep showing up.

-chad shipley

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