Founder sounds so serious…Chief Content Designer is just flat out mis leading.

Let’s go with……..A Guy.

A guy who loves the mantra Sweat More. Stress Less.

A guy who loves Learning, Growing, and Expanding.

A guy that loves life and all of it’s GIFTS. The warm sun on my face. Hot coffee in the Fall and the smell of the air in Spring.

A guy that loves getting lost in his daughters eyes.

A guy with a burning desire to UNLEASH CREATIVITY and to BUILD THINGS that are valuable.

My whole life I dreamed of being a Business Man. Whatever that is. I carried a briefcase with me to 3rd grade and used to love the sound of dress shoes tapping on a tile floor. The real issue is that I still do.

I CRAVED SUCCESS! I wanted people to think I was smart and to say I did well.

So I worked. HARD!

By the year 2001, I still had no idea how to send an email. 4 years later I would be working as a consultant for one of the largest Management Consulting companies in the world.

On paper, I was NOTHING in comparison to my peers.

The only thing I had was my willingness to work hard and to not stop moving forward.

Little by little. Step by step.

I embraced learning and with that came lots of amazing teachers.

The greatest mentors and coaches that you could ask for.

And they fed me. Because I craved what they had to give.

This knowledge and mentoring would led to later corporate success and major personal milestones.

But that’s the boring stuff.

I also lived through periods of Alcohol Abuse and the trouble that comes with it. I found myself laying on the floor of a jail cell more times that I would like to admit.

And I’ve Hid Behind A Curtain of Shame.

That curtain is now being SHREDDED. Because in my heart I know that those were set backs.

The alcohol infused DARK DAYS are behind me and the adventures in front of me are EXCITING.

I work every day to grow in the areas of life that MEAN THE MOST TO ME. 

Being a father. Being a PARTNER and a FRIEND.

Being a great SON and BROTHER.

Delivering VALUE.


Being an ARTIST and a CREATOR.

Becoming fit and living healthy. ESTABLISHING VITALITY.

Embracing an existence GREATER than this world. Serving purposes GREATER than myself.

I now live in the pursuit of Absolute Optimization. In every single area.

Working 80 hours a week without focus on health, fitness, family, or LOVE, will leave you questioning the definition of success pretty quickly. Believe me. I did.

It’s all about finding BALANCE. It’s all about exploring life by stepping outside of the COMFORT ZONE.

There’s a great line in the movie Troy where the boy tells Brad Pitt that the man he is going to fight is the biggest man he (the boy) has ever seen and that he wouldn’t want to fight him. Brad Pitt’s response is PROFOUND.

“That’s why no one will remember your name.”

We will make mistakes but nothing is a failure if you are pushing to TRANSCEND yourself, as you know it, and the CAPABILITIES that you possess.

In 2008, I bought a house to flip….before the tv shows made it a cool thing to do. It was the heart of the REAL ESTATE CRISIS. It was the height of insanity. People told me that we were crazy. We said thank you.

In 2009, I bought a house that I was sure would end up in foreclosure, and put me in the financial dog house. This property would later come to generate over $92K in rental income within a 29 month window – that’s close to $41K per year.

Then we bought another foreclosure. Without my best friend and dad by my side, these flip houses would have bankrupted me.

But having the RIGHT PEOPLE is what it’s all about. Mitigate your downside.

Then I spent three months on an unpaid leave of absence to serve a HOUSE ARREST SENTENCE. It didn’t break me. It fueled me.

I worked on my MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

My physique looked as good as it ever had before. That’s a mental picture that still fuels me to this day. This image is what I think about now while sweat and tears drip from my face.

When I left Management Consulting, I left thousands upon thousands on the table. – Follow your heart I said.

Then I bought an investment property in 2015. Then another one in 2016. Then another one in 2017. I leveraged $500K worth of investment vehicles in a 3 year time frame.

These can fail. These might fail. But I’m pushing the boundaries.

And now. the most daring thing I’ve ever done. I can’t get it out of my mind. I’m on a journey of life optimization and chasing dreams.

I now live completely and utterly demystified and constrained by no one.

Nothing is Unattainable. 

For me or for you. We can build great things together with simple steps to declutter our perceptions and SET OUR BAGGAGE ON FIRE.

We can and will unlock the simple insights to transform our lives. Small actions that will begin to create MASSIVE OUTPUT.

And if you’re where I’m at, then I want you with me. If you’re tired of the crowd and want to elevate onto new stages of life. To Transform. To live HAPPY and FULFILLED. In every aspect of your life. Your career, your education, your fitness, your parenting, your friendships…..Then I want you on my team.

This is not a sales promotion that ends with me asking you to buy something.

Actually, the exact opposite. I want you to join my community. I want to sit down for coffee with you in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years and talk about the life we’ve built for ourselves.

I want to hear your thoughts and ponder your questions. I want to know what fuels you and learn how I can help to feed you the fire that you crave to build great things.

To build a great life.

It’s simple. Do 1 or 2 things. Or Both.

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With Love,

Chad Shipley – Founder | Chief Content Designer | Just A Guy.

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