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Trail blazing starts with lighting fires.

We all need pep talks. We all need fuel. We all need that one insight that will unlock the secrets being held captive within us.

There are people who enjoy the crowd.

And then there are those that crave being on stage.

On stage, meaning, elevation above mediocracy -> A dominant class consisting of mediocre people.

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Comfort + me·di·oc·ra·cy = Hell

It seems so dreamy. The perfectly landscaped yard in the designer neighborhood. The designer job – 8 to 5. Dinner on the table by 6. Late night TV from 7 to 9.

Rinse and Repeat.

Until one day we ask ourselves a simple question. One that I don’t even have to put here because you already know what it is.

What you might not know, is the answer. Which is actually simple and obvious.

I have personally gone to war with this question. Live happy I tell myself.

Eat the cookie, you love it. Forget the exercise, you hate it. Work endless hours at the job, you can’t afford life without it.

Forget your creative fire, it doesn’t pay you. Forget exotic trips and extravagant adventures, those are for retirement. Sit on the couch and watch tv while your kid plays by herself – she’s fine, she has toys.

And then it smacks me right in the face. HARD.

This is the formula for mediocracy………Which is fine, if you want to live a mediocre life.

The problem is. I don’t. You don’t. We don’t.

But we don’t know the next step. And what we see or hear or feel is too hard or confusing.

There is a secret that only a few have seemed to figure out.

And, we know them when we see them.

It’s not the car they drive or the clothes they wear.

It’s the look on their face. It’s the way they can light up an entire room within seconds of entering it.

Rich, poor, dumb, smart……it doesn’t matter. These are metrics that mean nothing in their world because they live by a different set of standards.

Higher Standards. 

They don’t fall victim to senseless notions or titles. They are one thing and one thing only.

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