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That’s it.

There are two types of people in this world:

  1. People that want to be on one stage after the next (living, learning, loving, growing) OR
  2. People who live within the crowd (stuck, complacent, lethargic, and uninspired).

On stage meaning continuous EXPANSION. A never ending desire to LEARNGROW and CONTRIBUTE.

We have the SIMPLE BELIEF that true fulfillment and happiness is found on the other side of a multi-level self improvement focus. That sounds intense. But it’s actually quite simple. 

The sum is greater than it’s parts. Becoming awesome in life requires you to focus on ALL of the core areas. Family, Faith, Fitness, Financials, & Fire (your inner passions) –


Meraki: To put soul, creativity, and love into all that you do.

5: Five core pillars of Focus.

The awesome job right out of college is not going to give you ultimate fulfillment.

You cannot be the best version of yourself  if your diet is out of whack. If you are living in a lethargic mindset. If you are out of shape, tired, and drooling all of the time.

Not only does a balanced focus help you become better at every single area of your life, it ensures that you are finding ultimate fulfillment. Working 80 hours a week with no focus on health and fitness, rest, GREAT SEX, growth, or reflection will leave you feeling useful and useless at the same time – trust me. 

I can only hope that Meraki5 helps to feed those who desire to keep climbing through the journey of life.

And if at all possible, to help those in the crowd get moving again.

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