The Insanity (Road to Sparta Series #2)

…continued from “The Dad Bod”

I was 5 minutes in and I thought I was going to die.

Everything hurt.

Everything burned.

60 days of this was impossible.

Another 20 minutes was impossible.

I was never going to make it.

But there was no way I could quit…not yet.

I had to keep going.

Alone in my basement.

In front of the TV.

There I was.

Standing at the border of mediocrity and greatness.

Up, down, side to side.

On my knees.

On the ground.

Begging for air.

Pleading for recovery.

Whining like a baby.

Shaun T and his perfectly sculpted physique telling me to move.

To go harder.

To push.

I hated every grueling second.

And I was mad at how hard it was.

Mad at how out of shape I was.

And how long it would take to get back.

I had no idea how much joy was waiting on the other side of this process.

Did I do every single workout – No.

Did I stick to the plan 100% – No.

Did I keep going – Yes.

Did I finish every class I started – You bet.

Did I get stronger, faster, and in amazing shape – Roger that.

Was I dripping in sweat after each workout – Ya buddy.

Did I do it even when I didn’t want to – Every time.

Did I start smiling – Yep.

Did I start living – Like never before.

Did I stumble upon an amazing and profound insight

…read about “The Key Insight”


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