My Road to Sparta – Series (1)

Enough was enough

The “Dad Bod” had to go

I was sick of eating poison

Of being tired

Of being moody

Of being full of excuses

I was sick of having no flexibility

Poor range of motion

Restricted mobility

I was sick of dwelling on the good old days

The raging rapids and fear of natures savage & unrelenting power

The days where we chased a high on life

I had enough of living within the confines of mediocrity

Enough of being a quitter

Of saying “it’s too hard”

Of being a sheep living in fear

It was time to sweat

To sweat more than I stressed

It was time for rebirth

For vitality

It was time to find a warrior – somewhere within

Time to take control

To own my destiny

To set down a path

To build a road

It was 9 months ago and it was time for change

This blog series will capture the whole journey

From lethargic mediocre dad bod

To enough is ENOUGH

-> to be continued

Tiger, Head, Wildlife, Animal, Wild

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