Comments From People

I’ve had a couple of comments from people over the last few days that hit me somewhere deep. Before getting into that. I have to provide some context.

Context #1: I have a public Facebook Page called DaddyShip. How this amazing name came about?

  1. My name is Chad Shipley
  2. Chaddy Ship was my fun alter ego
  3. Being a Dad is something I value more than anything else

So Daddy Ship it was. My 4 year old daughter Ella and I make videos together. I came to the realization that I wanted to have real and true memories from my life for her and I to reflect back on, so videos have become a staple of our life together.

And, I’ve come to an astonishing realization. I don’t need to make long cinematic productions. In fact, I much more enjoy small snippets of something fun that we are doing together.

Context Number 2: Over the last year I became very focused on fitness and I recently set up a FB Challenge for people that were looking for a way to slowly get back into fitness. I used “My Road To Sparta” blog series to help motivate and have been blown away by  how many people took it on, and how much fun it has been. I even made videos of Ella and I doing workouts together and posting them to the group.

So back to the comments.

The First: A coworker and good friend, made a comment about my video with Ella. He thought it was amazing that Ella was only 4, yet so into fitness and working out. He told me she would know and love fitness her whole life because she was growing up with it.

The Second: From a girl on FB who is in my Fitness Challenge.

Today was a rough one, my emotions got the best of me. The husband got home from work, I laid my youngest down for bed and I got in the car. I started to turn into the parking lot of the liquor store, at this point balling my eyes out because I couldn’t handle how I was feeling and didn’t want to handle it. Then I remembered your words and I turned the car here I am at the gym. Where else would I go!? You’ve been an inspiration and I thank you for it!

The Third: From a FB friend after commenting on a picture of Ella, and me replying Thank you.

You’re welcome! All of the videos you two make together are the cutest!…you guys are making amazing memories for her to cherish one day…she is a lucky girl to have such amazing, loving, caring parents

These comments presented a clear problem.

And it all comes back to this site and the brand that I have been building.


I love the word Meraki because it means to put love, soul, and creativity into all that you do. It looks cool and it sounds awesome (May Rah Key). The number 5 ensures it’s uniqueness and represents 5 pillars to be founded on.

  1. Family
  2. Faith and Foundation
  3. Fitness and Health
  4. Finances of Life
  5. Fun

My content touches 1 of these 5 areas. I firmly believe that true happiness comes from elevating all the areas of life that mean the most to you.

Meraki5 is a mechanism to bridge the professional world. But that was a mistake. And these comments helped to highlight that.

I am my own brand and I am seemingly hiding behind a “Meraki5” image. Trying to keep my professional and personal life separate is not only stupid, it’s working against me.

I need to be genuine and authentic….I need to be myself and let you into my life. I don’t yet know how to solve this problem but I wanted you, as my reader, to at least have insight into me and who I really am.

I love being a dad first and foremost and will never offshore that to someone else because I am too busy with work.

I want my daughter to have many many many meaningful conversations with me so that I can teach her and guide her. I don’t want that being filled in by babysitters, teachers, coaches, etc.

I love my career and challenging myself. But I also love writing. And podcasting. And my friends. And fitness. And sometimes getting really really really drunk with my fellow tribesman (those that are the closest to me).

I am NOT someone who has it all figured out. I spend lots of time each day trying to learn. Trying to grow. Trying to expand. Trying to become better.

BUT you don’t know that. Because you don’t really know me.

And, I cannot set out to do what I want to do, with that being the case.

Which is, to help where I can. To share insights that have had a profound impact. To entertain and to add value. To you. For you and for me.

I don’t know how to solve it. But I do know this. If you have enjoyed the content thus far, it will only get better from here on out. Because I’m taking off the mask.

– DaddyShip





Chasing Vitality – 10 Day Fitness Challenge

The Meraki5 Fitness Challenge Started Today. We have over 40 members committed to start adding exercise into their daily lives.

50 Jumping Jacks a Day for 10 days. Day 1 and Day 10 you will do as many jumping jacks as you can in 2 minutes. The other days you do 50 jumping jacks all at once or throughout the day. That’s it.

There will be incremental activities I post each day to keep you engaged and having fun. Members have no obligation to complete these but I encourage all to give them a shot.

LINK is HERE if you would like to join.

Day 1 Motivation Letter to all Members:

This is day 1
The Start of A Journey
Not his, Not Hers
This is your road, because it’s you who will build it
You’re here because you’re sick of the NORM
You’re sick of living within the confines of mediocrity
Beneath the weight of common beliefs
You’re sick of not feeling attractive
of not feeling good
of having little energy
of being stressed
of being full of emotions, that are weighing you down
You’re sick of caring about what other people think
You’re sick of all the baggage
And you’re ready to light it on fire
To take back what is yours
To start living for you
The stress will fall the more you sweat
The sad emotions will be replaced by euphoric like sensation
The confidence will erase the care for others perceptions
The haters will die, and the legends will flourish
Life happens at the end of your comfort zone
Get ready for discomfort
Get ready for pain
Embrace it
Love it
It’s you’re ticket to fulfillment
And it will cost you a change in mentality
From being a sheep to becoming a lion
Take what is yours

Live with Meraki.

Learning How to Live

I am envious of this up and coming generation
Drinking no longer seems to be cool
Fitness and health are top priority
It’s life adventure over possession
Experiences over big houses and debt defining cars
It’s all about chasing freedom
And finding fulfillment
Sure, there are still A holes
And pampered babies
But the cool cats know what’s up
They don’t bully, they include
They don’t criticize, they encourage
They’d rather ride a bike to work than own a car
They’d rather save for living than live in debt
They refuse to be fooled by the food industry that has sickened us all
Smoking is absurd – it just is
Avocados and quinoa are here to stay
Ski a mountain
Surf a wave
Hike a trail
Fall in love with this beautiful creation from God
I spent my 20’s partying – The new generation will spend it living a life we all dream of
At least, that’s my hope.

The Power in Saying Less

Have you ever felt like you say too much?

Or, do you sometimes feel like you said something stupid?

Something that you now regret?

If you are anything like me, you just said “yes, yes, and hell yes.”

And, you may enjoy this short reading as much as I did.

As always, I pulled together a podcast for me to have as my own reference and am sharing for anyone who is as interested in the content as I am.

The new podcast is up – A quick (6 minute) reading from “The 48 Laws of Power” that I found highly entertaining and insightful.

Law #4 – Always Say Less Than Necessary.

For me, an insight into why I sometimes need to just shut up.

Find it by searching for “The Chad Shipley Show” on all major podcast platforms. Common platform links below:

Pocket Casts:

Transformative Training (Road to Sparta Series #6)

…continued from “Performance over Perception”

I hated running

But I started to run

1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles

11.2 miles – on the beach, in the sand

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

And I wasn’t just running

I was racing

Racing an old me

An old time

Every time

1 mile in under 7:30

Then under 7

Then under 6:30

2 miles in 15:30

Then under 15

Then under 14

3 miles in 27

Then under 25

Then under 24

Insanity and Shaun T was over

T25 was fun, but behind me

It was time to design my own workouts

To become my own coach

My own inspiration

I dreamed about having my own gym

And helping people feel what I was feeling

Like I was on top of the world

And that I could do anything

I was focused on the race but dreaming about the next one

And the one after that

And the one 10 years from now

With my daughter at the finish line

Cheering me on

Yesterday she said

“I hope you win daddy”

I told her that I probably wouldn’t

Her response will live with me forever

“Work hard and don’t ever give up”

She’s four

And she’s right

I already won

Because I’m in the race

Off the couch

And finding a better me

I’m proud of myself

And I feel proud for what I have done

For what I have become

And for what I have shown myself I can do

For what I’ve taught my daughter

For what I’ve taught myself

It’s an amazing feeling

It was an amazing journey

And I know there’s more to come

My first spartan race is tomorrow

Mens Elite Sprint

No age bracket

No beginners run

No friends to joke with while they pull me up the wall

It’s me and my destiny

Next stop

Spartan Warrior!




Performance over Perception (Road to Sparta Series #5)

…continued from “My Demise”

The mindset started to change

From other’s perception

to my own reality

From looking good

To feeling better

From looking strong

To being stronger

A notion that consumed me


Mental and Physical Performance

An elevation of life

To push boundaries

To escape comfort

And to live a life worth living

Weight loss

Muscle gain


It was becoming bigger than that

I needed to test my performance

and figure out my flaws

I needed a call to action

A journey

A path

A road that led to battle

A clear wish often becomes reality

And reality was right in front of me

The Spartan Home Page

An overview of obstacles

Of stories

Of battlegrounds

And then the date

3 months away

The open race that meant nothing would be fun

The elite race that puts it all on the line would be outright embarrassing

I’ve taken the easy route before

Too many times

And I’m after something different

Something that will make me feel better

About being me

Elite Mens Race it was

Time to kick it up…

… “Transformative Training”

Making the decision to change is step 1. Following in love with the Process is step 2. Battling setbacks is an inevitable step 3. Pushing new boundaries is Step 4. You can and will do THIS. 

My Demise (Road to Sparta Series #4)

….continued from “A Key Insight”

It was three months of hard work

Of sweat

Of balancing fitness with life

Of finding something deep inside

Of becoming something better

Of becoming proud

It was three months of decent eating

And 0 sips

I mean absolution

Not 1 sip of alcohol

Not because it’s a problem

Because it’s an ingredient for a different type of life

One for a life I used to live

A couple drinks here

A couple drinks there

Money vanished

Memories forgotten

Emptiness found

This new road required a different standard

For three months I was on it

The only person who could stop me, was me

And that’s when it almost happened

When I let weakness creep in

When I began to think that I could integrate this new path of fitness with poor fillers of gratification

Most people can and do

But to me, even a sip takes me away from being the person that I am setting out to be

And worse, 1 day spent hung over, has always been enough to derail all physical progress

And here I was

At the crossroads

a St. Patty day dinner party with my family and 300 other enthused and lit up goers

Live music from the 50’s and 60’s

Drinks all around

I started with a bottle of water and some pink salt

An electrolyte cocktail

But then it moved on to an innocent drink

One after the next as we spent the night dancing

It was fun and it was safe

What most people would consider a necessary night out

But it was enough to throw me off balance

To question all of the work

To question this desire to keep pushing forward

To keep growing and chasing

This is how it happened every time before

Some people climb mountains

Some never leave a sofa

Most live somewhere in between

Which is fine, if you keep growing

But I was settling

And settling is dying

I couldn’t do it

I couldn’t throw away the work

Not this time

I was back in the gym pronto

And back on a road that needed to be built

A destination that needed to be chased

There would be more similar bumps along the way

And it would take months before there was another “Enough is Enough” moment

But the test of persistence started on that day

3 months in

5 months ago

The next stop

… “Performance over Perception”

Getting hit is inevitable. Getting back up is the true test of courage. I know you’ve been hit and you may fear getting hit again. Greatness comes when you stand back up and FIGHT.

A Key Insight (Road to Sparta Series #3)

…continued from “The Insanity”

It was 7am

A war between four walls just came to an end (Racquetball)

I stepped out of the court and into the gym

Inspiration was all around me

There was only 1 thing left to do

1 thing left before returning to my mediocre life

To my 8-5

To my place as a spoke on a spoke wheel

It was time for pain

An exercise routine I call a 5x5x5

5 Exercises, 5 Reps each exercise, for 5 sets

As fast as you can

All in push up position

You only break when you need to

Somewhere in the middle I broke

My knees hit the floor and my chin hit my chest

My vision was a wet blur

And my breathing was out of control

And then it happened

One of the most profound insights I have ever had

Hit me

I looked at the floor 2 feet below

I saw a puddle of sweat and I smiled

I laughed

I shook my head

Because I realized that this is what it’s all about

Pushing yourself

Pushing boundaries

Building strength

Becoming unstoppable and unbreakable

Realizing how far you can go

How much pain you can endure

And how good it really feels

My pain now was different than my pain 3 months ago

It wasn’t the pain of being out of shape

It was the pain of hard work

Of progress

And it felt beautiful

Outcomes (like a 6 pack) are byproducts to the true reward

The glory is in the work

It’s in the process

The journey

And it’s in everything we do

If you don’t love the work, then the outcome will always suffer

But when you fall in love

With the sweat, and with the pain, in the process

Then there is nothing that can stop you

And there is no outcome that you can’t achieve

It’s a mental war

The only thing that can limit your greatness is you

And that’s exactly what almost ripped me apart

And brought it all to an end


… “My Demise”

I’ve let myself down time and time again. So have you. I know that because we all have. This journey was no different. I hit hurdles and I struggled with finding a balance between social enjoyments and optimized health. It was my personal downfall that we all can relate to in one way or another. Read about my struggle.

The Insanity (Road to Sparta Series #2)

…continued from “The Dad Bod”

I was 5 minutes in and I thought I was going to die

Everything hurt

Everything burned

60 days of this was impossible

Another 20 minutes was impossible

I was never going to make it

But there was no way I could quit…not yet

I had to keep going

Alone in my basement

In front of the TV

There I was

Standing at the border of mediocrity and greatness

Up, down, side to side

On my knees

On the ground

Begging for air

Pleading for recovery

Whining like a baby

Shaun T and his perfectly sculpted physique telling me to move

To go harder

To push

I hated every grueling second

And I was mad at how hard it was

Mad at how out of shape I was

And how long it would take to get back

I had no idea how much joy was waiting on the other side of this process

Did I do every single workout – No

Did I stick to the plan 100% – No

Did I keep going – Yes

Did I finish every class I started – You bet

Did I get stronger, faster, and in amazing shape – Roger that

Was I dripping in sweat after each workout – Ya buddy

Did I do it even when I didn’t want to – Every time

Did I start smiling – Yep

Did I start living – Like never before

Did I stumble upon an amazing and profound insight

“The Key Insight”

This isn’t just my journey. It’s the beginning of yours. I struggled to find this part of my life and I spent years searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places. If you fear the work required to find the joy, you have to know THIS.